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About energy medicine 

Intuitive energy healing, or vibrational medicine, is the ability to use information from the soul level in order to heal the various energy bodies of the person. It does not matter if the problem lies within the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. Energy healing is one of the most profound and fundamental alternative therapies in the field of alternative medicine and holistic health. Working with the vibration of the body and chakra system, vibrational energy healing, works independently and with western medicine approaches to support health and wellbeing of the mind, body and soul.


Shamanic Energy Healing

More specifically, Shamanic Energy Healing requires the practitioner to become a "hollow bone" in order to be a clear conduit to channel and receive guidance and wisdom from Source, or Great Spirit. The client initially discusses the issue they wish to overcome and this intention is set for the healing session. Using shamanic and other energy healing techniques, I use my highly intuitive sense to tune into the vibration of you, the client, and connect to your spiritual guides, her own guides, Source, Spirit or power animals and other energies available for your highest good, to clear issues which have originated either in either this or past lives, end contracts maintaining negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour, energy blocks, cut cords, reclaim soul or heart fragments and more.

Shamanic healings may use a variety of tools to achieve the best possible outcome, including, crystals, sound (voice/drum/rattle), smudge (sage/palo santo), light work, psychic vision, colour, symbols, calling on guides and other spiritual helpers, or a process of steps which must be followed and met energetically within you as channeled by me, guided by Spirit.

Sessions will vary in length dependent upon the amount of energetic resistance within the client and how many processes are required to complete the healing. They are held either in person or by distance/face to face online.


What happens in a healing session
A two and a half hour session utilising a combination of many tools and practices to support the clearing of negative energy held in the mind, body & soul, showing up as pain, fear, phobias, disorders, illness, difficulties in relationships, parenting, career, finances and more.
These are the most common issues clients seek energy healing to help overcome:
Anxiety, depression, overwhelm, emptiness, loneliness
Emotional triggers, recurring patterns and themes in life
Childhood experiences, trauma, abuse, loss and grief
Low self-esteem, lack of self-love and acceptance
Anger, rage, loss, grief, guilt, shame, boundary issues
Powerlessness, worthlessness, lack of motivation
I tune into your vibrational energy and your soul to ascertain the original source of issues presenting in your life. These may be due to past life lessons to be completed now, fragmented heart or soul, ancestral experiences, soul contracts, attached entities, etc.
These sessions are incredibly deep, powerful and transformational, including inner child and soul healing, held in a space of safety, security, love and non-judgement.
Energy healing is becoming more and more widely acceptance in the mainstream world, including western medicine practitioners. Our energy body is visible in scientific scans. When we feel as though we're breaking down, falling apart, lack of energy and so on, we're speaking about our energy body. Clear the flow of energy by clearing the issues being held energetically in our mind, body and soul.
Inner Child Healing
Healing our inner child is one of the most powerful, loving and freeing actions we can do for our soul. It finally frees us from our wounding and allows us to see the past in a whole new light. 

Our wounding is an important aspect of our purpose. Not until we truly heal that, and discover that on a deep soul level, can we move out of pain and fear into love and light. I will guide your inner child through the healing journey required to be free at once and for all. You may think you've done it, until you've experienced this with Indigo, you will discover there is another level not yet reached.
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"One of the most centred, real, authentic, enlightening therapeutic experiences I have ever had. I highly recommend a shamanic healing. x" 

Tiharna McGregor

Inner Child Healing Testimonial

"I actually have to say that the last session that we had has been absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL"

"I know I wrote to you shortly after, saying something but still now I feel myself having conversations, being in situations and articulating myself in such a different way.Last session we worked on "giving my inner child what she needed" I used to imagine my "inner child being a sad and lonely little girl" and I found that it manifested in my life by being in victim mode or wanting someone to "come save me", whenever I was triggered by something.I now feel like I am able to take full responsibility for my life, and I am able to articulate my boundaries much more clearly and calmly. I relate to people in stressful situations in a much more calm and "adult way", it's been life changing - wish I had know this was a "thing" 5, 10, 20 years ago!

I would say to anyone sort your inner child stuff out.

You did it in such a lovely, calm, safe way too. Thank you!"

Katie Earl