About Readings

The ability to 'read' energy has been something I can do my whole life, although, it wasn't until I was an adult I realised this was 'different' to just about everyone I knew!


Once I understood my ability I began exploring just how sensitive my intuition was and sensing how I was here to apply this skill and help others. Over the years it's become evident I'm particularly equipped to help others understand and make sense of their wounding and how it's inexplicably intertwined with their soul purpose. 

Intuitive Guidance Readings, with or without Oracle cards, uncover details of your soul's journey in this life time. These are not prediction readings, however, I do receive visions of the past, present and future, which is extremely helpful to bring you awareness, understanding and guidance moving forward.


Clients come away feeling lighter, clearer and more hopeful, with information to help them make important decisions about their current life issues and a sense of direction for their future. Many receive answers they've been seeking for a very long time, stating the information from the reading has helped make sense of their life.

You too can receive the benefits of a compassionate, confidential and informative reading. It is such a privilege to assist others on this sometimes confusing journey called life!



"I just had a soul reading session with Indigo-Grace and I am speechless! She was SPOT on! The reading brought tears to my eyes.

Indigo gave me guidance with my relationship and she told me things from my past, his past and exactly what the deep down issues we are facing are caused from.

She even told me the profession I want to go to school for and I just started looking into this profession two weeks ago.

This woman is truly gifted and is such an amazing inspiration.


Also, I'm able to see energy but I'm pretty sure the normal eye would be able to see the glowing energy around this woman. I couldn't focus because she had such beautiful glowing energy which I know is straight from her connection to other realms.


From start to finish she brought me the message and guidance I needed to hear.

I'm truly blessed to have received this reading and I look forward to having more guidance from her in the future!!"

Kim Foy