Eating | Body Image | Self-esteem

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Reclaim your power to become the person you want to be! Free from the control of food and body image.

A therapeutic program for women who experience a difficult relationship with food, eating behaviours, body image and self-esteem.

Discover and heal the underlying causes for these challenges to help free yourself from patterns of behaviours, thoughts and feelings limiting your wellbeing. 

Imagine the freedom you will have when food, eating and body image is no longer in control of your choices!

Freedom to socialise, dress, connect and be yourself without worrying about what others think.

Join a small group of women who are all wanting to free themselves from the loss of control around eating, the way they feel about their body and their sense of self, because of the guilt and shame for restrictive or over eating, compensation behaviours and the low self-esteem surrounding these issues.

Indigo has experienced and recovered from eating disorders, has worked in the not-for-profit sector with eating disorders and body esteem. Now you can receive this expert, professional and holistic transformational program for yourself.


Held in-person over 10 weeks you will receive:

5 x individual 1:1 sessions

5 x group sessions

Loads of information about the topics

The opportunity to connect with and be supported by others who relate to you

Therapeutic processes to transform the underlying issues of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours impacting your relationship with food and you.

Groups are held fortnightly on Tuesdays 6.30pm-9pm

Your 1:1 sessions are held fortnightly at a time that suits you (day, evening, Saturdays)

The first group commences on 19 July through to 13 September.

Your first 1:1 ideally will be held before the first group session.

For more info and to reserve your place click below. Places are strictly limited.



“When I started working with Indigo as part of the, Soul Food women's group, I was feeling generally overweight and unhappy with my body.

There was a sense of needing the weight as some kind of emotional protection. Over the two terms we worked together we focused on healing deeper core issues that kept me in a repetitive pattern of abuse and disrespect for my body.


The work was not focused on what I ate or drank. Indigo helped me understand that I can truly love myself no matter what my body looks like and helped me shift from fear towards love in many aspects of myself that had nothing directly to do with diet or exercise.

After completing two terms I have a stronger sense of self love and appreciation for my body in its current form.


I have recommenced a yoga practice which brings more awareness to my body and I have also changed my eating in a very intuitive way. I have opted, temporarily, of my own accord, to follow a strict detox program to cleanse my body and effectively re-program it for improved health.

I wouldn't be able to do this program in such a loving way if I didn't first address the underlying pain which caused me to do behaviours that didn't support my health and cause me to require my fat suit for protection.


I'm dancing. I'm dating. I'm feeling lighter and freer than before. It's more fun being me as I'm mainly content with my body and my soul.

Thank you Indigo for your support and wisdom.”

Suzanna Broughton

"I had 20 weeks (two terms) of group and counselling with Indigo around inner-child issues related to my weight, and that helped enormously.

I was shocked to realise the source of the negative voice in my head and I've been able to release the power that source has had over me.

I was able to choose whether to follow the pattern of not loving me and being good to me, or to love myself and treat myself kindly with nourishing food, as I would give a child I loved. It made my choices easier and strengthened my resolve to stop letting myself down. I am stronger and SO much better in my body, and I am thrilled to be weighing a lot less. How much easier will it continue to get!


I know that Indigo’s insightful and compassionate counselling has helped me enormously. I experienced healing and growth, and learned

so much about myself. I can recommend this approach to self-care.

The food has lost its former power over me. I can now care for myself so much better.” 

Laura J - midwife & mother

"After experiencing a few sessions with Indigo I am feeling very blessed and honoured to have crossed paths with this beautiful woman.

The space held for me has felt so safe and open allowing me to go deep within and feel my deep core wounds. I have gained beautiful insight into my journey with eating disorders that I am truly grateful for. I am slowly coming into my power and owning it, knowing that it's just too painful to keep giving it away any longer. The healing will continue, I understand that it is not something that you just do a few sessions for a miraculously cure it all...

It's deep soul work - I feel so brave and strong knowing there are others on this journey too.


That deep mutual understanding is one of the best feelings I have felt in life...

Having someone there to hold such integral space for me to open up is a true blessing.

 Thank you Indigo. I so appreciate you thank you for touching my heart."

Leah Thomson


"A beautiful experience of authentic connection with myself and others. Thank you so much Indigo for creating a truly wonderful space for women to just be. I got so much out of being seen and heard, without feeling I had to be anything more than who I really am. This has brought me comfort and freedom to explore what's really important to me, what my soul really needs. The "medicine" of the gathering is in the energy held by you and all of us together. Unconditional love, non-judgement and freedom to share or not, depending on what we each feel comfortable with. I've never felt so "held" or "validated" in such a way. It's truly food for the soul and I'm forever changed from this experience! Thank you."

Clare B