Reclaim your voice & empower yourself

to be authentically you

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A women's circle is a place for you to be safely held by the heart and soul of other women
in whatever place you are within yourself at that moment.

I'm Indigo-Grace, a qualified counsellor and energy healer, and I've been holding and attending
women's circle over the past decade, personally receiving enormous benefit from the "work"
I have been able to do within myself, within the circle.

There is nothing quite like a women's circle. It is unique in its ability to hold whatever is present
for each woman, without judgement, advice giving or hierarchy.
Each woman is held, respected and supported by the other women in the knowing we have
all the answers within us, given the time to speak, express, emote and explore our inner world
without pressure, interruption, or the need to get it right.

When we allow ourselves to be seen, heard and held, we are capable of:

* identifying our issues
* understanding ourselves
* discovering our needs and wants
* developing a voice
* creating healthy boundaries
* healing our heart and soul
* manifesting positive outcomes aligned with our authenticity
* becoming more empowered from a place of self-love
* finding inner peace and happiness
* coming to a place of forgiveness
and so much more

Women's circle is a gift to oneself, which continues to gift your loved ones, as you become
more authentically you, releasing tension, stress, anger, sadness, grief and so on,
along with sharing the joy, happiness and positives in your life.
The sharing is confidential and some guidelines apply in order to maintain a sense of
safety and security for each woman.

If you're interested in knowing more, or are ready to join either the in-person or the online circle,
contact Indigo as soon as possible. Places are limited to six women in each.
Please ensure you're available to attend all sessions to maintain the energy of the
"container" we create to hold each woman.

All you're required to bring is yourself, as you are, whatever is going on for you.
You don't need to impress anyone and are welcome to be a "mess" if that's what's true for you.
In fact, that's a pretty good reason to join!

I welcome you with an open heart and soul.
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"I was able to discover, have realisations and learn lessons that allowed me to free myself of the past, giving me a clearing to feel freer within myself, allowing me to step into what is possible for my life. 

If you are looking to feel the same I would HIGHLY recommend saying YES to this opportunity for you to discover what is possible for you. 

THANK YOU Indigo for your love and support and for using your gifts to empower women to be their best selves. <3"

Marciel Audesho - entrepreneur