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Fed up with the way things are turning out in

certain areas of your life?

Not being the man you really want to be?

Balancing your inner masculine and feminine energies is essential

for inner and outer peace in your life.

In a SOuLUTIONS Men's Group you have the
opportunity to talk about what's going on for you without being judged.

You will have your time to speak freely without interruption.
What you choose to share is up to you, be it about your relationships, kids, job, family, sense of self, mental health or wellbeing.
We will explore how the imbalance of the inner masculine and
feminine energies are affecting your whole being, showing up in
your life as disharmony in a myriad of ways.
Getting this clarity is only part of the process.
It's also about how to transform the imbalance so you feel and
see real results, bring you the outcomes you desire.​
Indigo-Grace is a qualified counsellor and energy healer
with over 10 years experience in facilitating
groups, with remarkable results.
This is your chance to be heard and supported by others,
probably going through something very similar to you.
To receive compassion, understanding and guidance.
All issues are welcome. There is no shame. 
Feelings are encouraged and necessary in order to move through
whatever it is that's getting in the way of your happiness.
The simple act of sharing, being heard, feeling supported and
receiving experienced knowledge and guidance
are key to dealing with issues, finding solutions and transformation.


Now is the time to step up for yourself and your family and deal with these issues once and for all.

I look forward to supporting and helping you find 

clarity, awareness and the solutions right for you, 

from a place of heart & soul,

rather than frustration, anger, sadness,

disconnection and just giving up.



"I’ve spoken to a few gents lately who this might help a lot. Indigo is an
amazing and powerful healer who has done more for me in one 2.5 hour
session than most people could manage in years.
The time to let the divine feminine into our divine masculine is now
and let all level up appropriately.
Do it for our family our Queens or Kings and let’s become
better versions of ourselves."

Dale Squirrell