24hr Healing Retreats in Perth

I've been quietly seeing clients for 24hr healing stays in my therapeutic accommodation, because sometimes clients need a chance to be separate from their home environment, be it too busy, too noisy, too full-on energetically or they're needing a lot of support at a particularly difficult time or post trauma.

It's a chance to fully surrender and immerse yourself in your healing process.

A chance to clear your head, your heart, rest, recover and restore.

It's amazing what 24hrs of the right energy and healing can do for you!!!

We have a beautiful, peaceful, powerful and nurturing experience, going with the flow of what

you need, healing as required and being supported in your personal process.


Your own gorgeous private bedroom

All vegetarian or vegan meals and snacks provided

Herbal teas and filtered water

Healing sessions stay as required

Surrounded by crystals and available for your use during your immersion

Bali inspired outdoor relaxation and dining area

The entire premises is energetically clear and sits within a crystal grid for the

highest protection and vibration

I stay with you and support you during the immersion

Longer stays can be arranged if necessary

Available for women 18yrs and over.

Located in Palmyra/East Fremantle

I look forward to connecting, supporting and facilitating your transformation immersion soon.

May this be a new beginning of a new way of being, aligned to your highest truth.




"My experience began before I even made the call to book a session, the power of intuitive calling to reach out and find what or who was available. I had just bought a kitten, and named her Indigo, days before the alignment of finding Indigo-Grace. 

The week leading up to the process began. I was tender, my heart was yearning for freedom of past trauma and wounds, the energy I was carrying was heavy.

The immersion intensive was phenomenal.

My heart and soul felt the space that was held was like home, a vital part of doing the work. During the process all that came was all that I knew was bubbling under the surface. I reclaimed my healthy feminine. 


I now spend my days learning and strengthening my feminine, the biggest whole body and mind shift is that I now am back home in my body, no longer operating from a place of constant fight, flight, freeze expression.


So, life feels and is so incredibly different for me. I have a VOICE again!

I am learning and witnessing myself stepping into conversation, which, for my whole life, I have avoided,

now walking into them with courage knowing my voice is mine.

This is allowing me to deepen my friendships and relationships, this is what life is for me now.

I still feel all the challenges arise, like we all do, yet I leaned into this inner healing work to re-connect and

no longer sacrifice my wellbeing, in order to keep the peace. It is our birth right.


I am so deeply thankful for your divine soul, holding space for humans who want to heal their soul's wounding."

Kieana Rose - solo mum