Inner child healing is an aspect of trauma healing

You may have significant events that you remember as traumatic, or, you may have had a pretty good childhood, however, there was "something missing". Either way, inner child healing is an excellent technique which Indigo has evolved and mastered so as to heal the wounding from within you, at the place of its origin.


This point is vital for real, lasting healing from a moment, events, themes and patterns in childhood which have left their mark on your inner world. These experiences can stay with us for our whole lifetime and impact our life in ways of which you're not even aware.

Typically blocked trauma shows up in our relationships with others and our self, lack of self-worth, self-acceptance, communication and empowerment difficulties and very often mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression or a sense of feeling stuck.


Inner child healing is related to feelings of abandonment, betrayal, rejection, worthlessness, powerlessness, guilt, shame or humiliation experienced early in life. 


These experiences may occur through parental and family relationships, ancestral dynamics, cultural beliefs/customs, trauma and/or abuse. Depending on the age of the early trauma, focus may include inner natal, infant, child or teen healing.


Most clients express a desire to feel more whole, full or find inner peace, and come to this type of healing sometimes after years of searching and trying many other therapists and approaches.


Inner child healing is one of my specialty therapies where I help you to move through painful memories and any resistance to 'going there'. You will receive extremely precise guidance along with non-judgment, compassion, patience, and the benefits of my ability to know exactly what you need to meet the challenge and overcome it once and for all.


Clients report an immediate sense of lightness, inner peace and feel clearer in their entire being. It's a truly beautiful experience for the client and me as the facilitator. 


"I actually have to say that the last session that we had has been absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL.

I know I wrote to you shortly after, saying something but still now I feel myself having conversations, being in situations and articulating myself in such a different way.Last session we worked on "giving my inner child what she needed" I used to imagine my "inner child being a sad and lonely little girl" and I found that it manifested in my life by being in victim mode or wanting someone to "come save me", whenever I was triggered by something.I now feel like I am able to take full responsibility for my life, and I am able to articulate my boundaries much more clearly and calmly. I relate to people in stressful situations in a much more calm and "adult way", it's been life changing - wish I had know this was a "thing" 5, 10, 20 years ago!I would say to anyone "sort your inner child sh!t out".You did it in such a lovely, calm, safe way too. Thank you!"

Katie Earl