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So much gratitude to all those who've taken time to share the love...

Thank you 

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Group co-facilitation with Indigo
Carla van Raay

Best selling Author, God's Callgirl

Western Australia

"I have known Indigo-Grace since 2016 and have known her to be a person of great integrity and skill.

Her very presence is an inspiration. I applaud the quality of her work and her unstinting desire to be of real service."

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Soul Medicine Transformation Program
Shel Treas

Retired Counsellor & Recovery Group Facilitator

"Everything Indigo-Grace claims is true. She is a healer, not before her time but right on time. Her online Soul Medicine Transformation program is an experience like no other. It is surprisingly deep and I have discovered and healed issues that I was not conscious of before doing this program.

Indigo manages to hone in on the root cause of the emotions that emerge as patterns in our life that helped us survive but no longer serve us well.


She unearths your coping mechanisms from early childhood or early natal, in my case, and you can look back over your life and see clearly the patterns that helped you survive the journey.


Her wisdom and intuition are sensitively given as she accesses a range of modalities, of which she has not only trained, but those which she has experienced in her facilitation of growth for herself and her clients.

The program she has designed, and her professional abilities, allows participants to tackle their issues at their own pace with a gentle push, which I required regularly, when challenges emerged or when I found myself stuck at zeniths within the program. The work with my inner child has moved me along in leaps and bounds.

Indigo has this knack of knowing exactly what you need. You cannot anticipate the next step in your evolution but the process she has designed is just what you need, appropriate and certainly beneficial for the soul.


Also the connection with the other participants makes you realise that you are not alone when you hit the hard or darker stuff.


Indigo has a way of soothing the way for forgiveness and love, even when you thought this was already done.


I encourage you to get on board with this innovative and unique program so Indigo can propel you onto your path of empowerment, peace, esteem, joy and love. x"

Welcome to my healing room, where the li
Holistic Counselling &
Intuitive Soul Reading

Perth, Western Australia

"I booked in a couple of sessions with Indigo for some guidance regarding my career as I found myself at a career crossroad. I also experienced some anxiety issues as a result of work procedures. She listened to me without judgement and guided me to make some well informed decisions.

Regarding my anxiety I left there, understanding more about why things happen and how to deal with it in the future. It was very enlightening for me and I felt guilt free regarding my thoughts and feelings I had in the past. It was a very positive experience and although confronting and not always pleasant to dig so deep, it left me feeling at peace and accepting of my past journey. It is what made me the way I am, but it doesn’t mean I can’t change the direction of the future and how I deal with things.

As Indigo predicted, a month after our session I received the answer to my career dilemma. Unbeknown to me, my workplace has created a position for me due to my experiences in my interested fields. I felt on top of the world and couldn’t wait to tell Indigo!"

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Intuitive Soul Reading & Energy Healing
Kira Kostic

Perth, Western Australia

"The reading and shamanic healing to follow I had with Indigo-Grace has given me greater clarity, a stronger sense of inner peace and empowerment. It has moved me to the next level of awareness of self and life direction.


It has also unified the child aspect of myself with my adult self, creating a sense of wholeness and empowerment.


I now have the awareness and the ability to move forward with actions which are more in line with my higher self. As a result, I have now met and married a wonderful man, quite different to any relationship I've had in the past."

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Soul Medicine Transformation Program

Perth, Western Australia

"I'm going so very well. Indigo-Grace's program helps me on a daily basis. I constantly use "I CAN", which Indigo helped me finally believe. I now strongly believe in my capabilities, my intelligence, and that I am DESERVING!!!!! It feels so amazingly different and wonderful! I just got happy tears!

Something I did regularly was pray/call on a higher power, to help empower me to live a more fulfilled life and trusted that, when the time is right, the right man would be in my life. After careful consideration with eyes wide open, I decided I wanted a relationship with the man I've been dating, and he also wanted that with me! I can't believe it has finally happened. I have a boyfriend.!

Prior to deciding, I asked myself, do I actually want a relationship? Am I ready? How do I want it to be?

As it turns out, he was considering the same things. He is a surprisingly evolved man. We both feel we've hit the jackpot. He said "we are so lucky to have found each other" but then he changed that to "deserving". Wow! We're in sync. I hadn't even mentioned my new belief that "I am deserving". I guess I am now projecting that vibration.

Thank you, hugs and blessings Indigo."

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Intuitive Soul Reading
Kim Foy


"I just had a session with Indigo-Grace and I am speechless! She was SPOT on. The reading brought tears to my eyes. She gave my guidance with my relationship and she told me things from my past, his past and exactly what the deep down issues we are facing are caused from. She even told me the profession I want to go to school for and I just started looking into this profession 2 weeks ago.


This woman is truly gifted and is such an amazing inspiration.


Also, I'm able to see energy but I'm pretty sure the normal eye would be able to see the glowing energy around this woman. I couldn't focus because she had such beautiful glowing energy which I know is straight from her connection to other realms.


From start to finish she brought me the message and guidance I needed to hear. I'm truly blessed to have received this reading and I look forward to having more guidance from her in the future!!" 

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Soul Medicine Transformation Program
Marciel Audesho

Business Coach, Western Australia

"I have had the most profound life changing experience with Indigo through her coaching and Soul Medicine Transformation program.

Before working with her, I was feeling disconnected and had a sense of feeling lost, with sadness and fear in my body. 

What I was able to discover, have realisations and learn lessons that allowed me to free myself of the past, giving me a clearing to feel freer within myself, allowing me to step into what is possible for my life. 

If you are looking to feel the same I would HIGHLY recommend saying YES to this opportunity for you to discover what is possible for you. 

THANK YOU Indigo for your love and support and for using your gifts to empower women to be their best selves. <3"

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Intuitive Energy Healing
Tiharna McGregor

Contestant - The Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand 2019

"One of the most centred, real, authentic, enlightening therapeutic experiences I have ever had. Highly recommend a shamanic healing. x"

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Holistic Counselling
Katie Earl

Perth, Western Australia

"I had a session with Indigo and I have to say it was life changing. There was something I really wanted to shift and try as I might I couldn't "think" my way out of. Along came Indigo and she was able to kindly and graciously hold space and help me move through what I needed. So very grateful. Thank you."

Updated testimonial:

"I actually have to say that the last session that we had has been absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL. I know I wrote to you shortly after, saying something but still now I feel myself having conversations, being in situations and articulating myself in such a different way.

Last session we worked on "giving my inner child what she needed" I used to imagine my "inner child being a sad and lonely little girl" and I found that it manifested in my life by being in victim mode or wanting someone to "come save me", whenever I was triggered by something.

I now feel like I am able to take full responsibility for my life, and I am able to articulate my boundaries much more clearly and calmly. I relate to people in stressful situations in a much more calm and "adult way", it's been life changing - wish I had know this was a "thing" 5, 10, 20 years ago!

I would say to anyone "sort your inner child sh!t out".
You did it in such a lovely, calm, safe way too. Thank you!"

Girl and stuffed animal
Inner Child Healing

Perth, Western Australia

“My thought processes have genuinely shifted and I have changed a lot of previously held negative behaviours.
I really want to thank you very much. The most powerful tool I now have is picturing myself as a child. It helps me redirect my thoughts and continue to make positive decisions. It is a tool that I would have never known I had until I came to see you.

Thank you very much Indigo.” 

Female Family Members
Energy Healing
Inner Child & Ancestral Lineage
Jaimee Hart


"This weekend I gifted myself the gift of healing my inner child and the wounding I've carried through my mother's line. It was a potent session with Indigo-Grace and I highly recommend her services.


I now have a deep connection to the feminine that I've never experienced before, to Gaia, through my yoni, into my womb, into my sacred heart. I feel it in my physical body. Amazing.


I feel more whole than I've ever felt, what an amazing place to be able to serve from. So much gratitude."

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Tori Parton

Perth, Western Australia

"Indigo-Grace is an amazing Diamond Light who is revered and recommended by all in the Spiritual Community for her amazing counselling and healing abilities. Shine bright Indigo-Grace."

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Intuitive Energy Healing
Leslie Franklin

California, USA

"I feel very fortunate and blessed to have met Indigo-Grace. No words can really express the transformation that has happened within me since I had a session with her, yet I will try.

Indigo-Grace is a powerful healer and anyone that has the opportunity to have a healing with her should go for it. You will not be disappointed. Indigo had the psychic ability to touch a shadow part of myself from my childhood that I locked deeply in my heart. I shared this time with nobody. It was my own painful secret. It was a period of my life that brought me much pain and guilt only creating unconscious negative patterns in my life to the present day. I was shocked that Indigo was able to pinpoint this and could know so much about me.


Indigo’s shamanic healing practice which followed, lasted for three hours and created a safe condition of trust and integrity so that I felt ready to be taken on a journey back to when this event happened. Indigo’s inner child therapy together with an astute psychic awareness and shamanic tools made me feel like she was sharing the time with me and holding my hand throughout the process. We were both time travelling in the past and the here and now simultaneously. It was a deeply emotional process and I was able to heal from the source of the problem through Indigo’s suggestions and compassionate presence.


Indigo’s therapy is gentle and powerful and it is through her kindness and nurturing that I was able to heal this part of my soul with her. Indigo also worked with soul retrieval and brought back a part of me that I blocked for so long. I feel now complete. Today, I am able to look back at that time with love and maturity having released it out of the cavern and into the light.


I thoroughly recommend Indigo-Grace as a healer. She is the real deal. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for her help. Thank you Indigo!" 

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Holistic Counselling​ & Intuitive Soul Reading

Perth, Western Australia

"I am a hard nut to crack and skeptical with those who say they can do what they purport. Indigo-Grace is not only real and totally grounded, she can absolutely stand by her abilities. 

I was literally blown away by her ability to espouse information I was only privy to. Scary but true.


A beautiful heart leads and directs her into areas that can only improve and heal those who are seeking guidance in areas she touches.

Any one who is seeking healing, I suggest Indigo Grace is your port of call."

September 2020.jpg
Intuitive Energy Healing

Perth, Western Australia

"I felt lighter than I have in a long time. A kind of reassurance and peacefulness. The ancestral stuff has given me a feeling of belonging that I have never really felt outside of David and my babies. Like someone has my back, that I am a part of something humanly dimensional not just an earthly if that makes sense. Feeling very grateful and excited for the freedom felt and that I hope to continue to feel.


I have done some readings on the totem animals that you felt at the sacred fire space. It gave me a very warm and almost homely feeling with the deer and am in awe of the power of the crow. I will be more mindful of seeing them near me and hope they continue to help me through.


Feeling like the symbolic visualisation of placing that heavy grey concrete at the feet of those to whom it belongs will be a great healing process and tool for me. Like the weight of the anger and resentment is solely held in those cinder blocks and I can swim further and freely towards the sunset on the horizon of possibilities.


Feeling humbled and peaceful and I thank you and all the forces that be. xx" 

Trauma Recovery &
Soul Medicine Transformation Program
Ashleigh Morris


"What I've received from the course so far has been incredible. It has been so parallel to my path outside of this journey, helping me look at the deeper layers of trauma patterning that has been running my life (or so it felt) for so long.

From the very first 1:1, I knew I'd made the right decision for myself in joining this sisterhood.  Indigo's insight pointed towards things I hadn't known were hanging around me so heavily, and helped me work through them, release it from my body. 


I highly recommend any women, particularly those who have struggled or are struggling with past trauma running their lives, to join this program. It has accelerated my healing in unexpected ways, and I am truly grateful." 

Maria La Ferrara (Sifandos) (2).jpg
Intuitive Soul Reading & Energy Healing
Maria La Ferrara


"Indigo-Grace is a very powerful healer and psychic reader. Every time I have a healing or reading with her, huge shifts happen for me. 

She has the gift of getting to the very core of the issue, and then the healing ability to help me release those deep seated issues which have kept me stagnant in life. I have no hesitation in recommending Indigo.

My deepest gratitude always." 

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Intuitive Soul Reading & Energy Healing
Sam C.

Perth, Western Australia

"I was blown away by the psychic reading I had with Indigo. She was able to tune into my energy and get straight to the heart of the issues that were currently impacting my life.


During the reading Indigo could see what and how I was dealing with issues as well as what needed to be addressed at a soul level. She picked up straight away about the passing of my father and the issues associated with that. She was also able to provide healing to an issue that was affecting our family and the results have now shifted the dynamics to make everything much calmer. The results were just amazing.


After having the psychic reading I decided to follow through with a shamanic healing. I’d never had one before and Indigo made me feel comfortable about the work I needed to do and I wanted to work through it with her.


During the session Indigo was able to accurately pinpoint the issues that were affecting me on a soul level. I was aware of these but did not know how to deal with them. With Indigo guiding me through what needed to be done I’ve been able to cut ties and heal issues that have been holding me back over time and beyond.


Doing something like this is life changing!! It’s liberating and allows you to move forward with more purpose and freedom. In my case it has empowered me more and brought about an understanding in myself that will help me attract better things to my life and live more aligned and fully present in the future."

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Soul Medicine Transformation Program


"As I am getting closer to the end of the program it is really quite amazing to know how much progress I have made. I feel so much clearer in my heart center and the emotional waves that used to have me in tears have passed.

There have also been some positive shifts in my relationships with my partner and my daughter. I'm much better able to be supportive and help

them in their struggles by being compassionate and loving. Such a beautiful flow on effect.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to do this work.

Many thanks to Indigo for being a beacon of strength and a wonderful guide in getting me back home!!"

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Shamanic Energy Healing
Dale Squirrell

Perth, Western Australia

"I’ve spoken to a few gents lately who this might help a lot. Indigo is an amazing and powerful healer who has done more for me in one 2.5 hour session than most people could manage in years. The time to let the divine feminine into our divine masculine is now and let all level up appropriately. 
Do it for our family our Queens or Kings and let’s become
better versions of ourselves."