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Hi and welcome!

I'm Indigo-Grace and I'm truly delighted to bring you a myriad of opportunities for discovery, awareness, healing, recovery, joy and peace.


I'm here to support and guide you in connecting with and being more deeply in touch with your authentic self.


One thing so very clear about life is how important it is to develop a healthy dose of self-love, acceptance and empowerment so as to face this journey full of challenges.


It's from this place of centredness you connect to your authentic self, opening the pathway for your return to a place of wholeness and inner peace.

And that's the reason I do what I do... because I care so much about the self-esteem of others I decided to become a therapist.

I'm here to help you rise up, live your passion and purpose, and be the person you're here to be!

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Indigo-Grace provides excellence in the

integrated therapies of counselling and energy healing.

A university qualified counsellor, accredited

Shamanic Energy Healing practitioner and a born

intuitive psychic, Indigo-Grace brings a combination

of western and eastern medicine to women, men and

families who are seeking life-changing transformation of

issues traditional approaches alone cannot provide.

Creator of the Soul Medicine Transformation program,

facilitator of groups, workshops and women's and men's circle,

Indigo is skilled in identifying core issues and guidance through processes, enabling you to gain awareness, understanding,

clarity, empowerment and healing, supporting the return to

a sense of wholeness, freedom, joy and inner peace.

"Gifted with astoundingly accurate psychic vision and

intuitive skills, Indigo-Grace quickly and precisely identifies

the underlying causes of issues in your life. These issues are manifestations of the Soul Lessons you’re here to learn from

and overcome in order to receive the gifts as part of your

Soul Purpose.


Combining her qualified western and eastern training and

decades of experience, Indigo brings you the precise and

essential process for discovering, healing and transforming

this and past life experiences resulting in you feeling

“a sense of lightness of being, inner-peace, contentment

and reaching forgiveness for self and others”.

True healing of the Soul."

"One pathway to feeling unconditional love, wholeness and inner peace, is loving your inner child unconditionally."



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S. Indigo-Grace Taylor (BCouns.)

Palmyra/East Fremantle

Western Australia

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