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A program for women who are seeking effective ways to truly transform their lives, mind, body, soul, step into their empowered, authentic self and fulfill their Soul Purpose.

Have you had any of these experiences?

Do you have any of these feelings?

Do you have any of these thoughts?

Have you noticed negative patterns of behaviour?

Do you want to reclaim and create any of this?

If you answered YES to any of the above,

then this program is definitely for you!

Either online or in-person*


"You can spend years in therapy working through trauma and painful experiences, trying to overcome negative thoughts and behaviours, only really scratching the surface of what needs to be done to heal and transform those issues once and for all." Indigo-Grace


The forgiveness I feel is profound

"I suppose what surprises me a lot, but then again it doesn't surprise me at all, is once you clear all that stuff out of your head and heart, you are able to look at those who once caused you angst and see them in a new light. 


You are able to accept them for who they are, feel compassion for them, forgive them for their past digressions but you don't condone their future actions. You are able to set boundaries with them. You don't react from a place of pain, but a place of power. This is my perception anyway.

The best part is looking at events from my life and childhood and no longer having the emotional tug I often felt. The forgiveness I feel is profound. 

I forgive because I no longer want to be bound by these people and their actions to a time and place that no longer exists, it's in the past. I love being happy and free.

The peace and quiet in my head is nice and so welcome."  

Glenda Herman, program participant



"I have had the most profound life-changing experience with Indigo through her coaching and Soul Medicine Transformation.

Before working with Indigo, I was feeling disconnected and had a sense of feeling lost, along with sadness and fear in my body.


Along the way, I made discoveries, had realisations and integrated lessons which released me from the past, creating a clearing within to feel a sense of freedom. This has allowed me to further step into what is possible for my life.

If you are looking to feel the same, I would HIGHLY recommend saying YES to this opportunity for you to discover what is possible for you.

THANK YOU Indigo for your love and support and for using your gifts to empower women to be their best selves. <3."

Marciel Audesho, Business Coach - program participant


The emotional waves that had me in tears have passed

"As I am getting closer to the end of the program it is really quite amazing to know how much progress I have made. I feel so much clearer in my heart center and the emotional waves that used to have me in tears have passed.

There has also been some positive shifts in my relationships with my partner and my daughter. I am much better able to be supportive and help them in their struggles by being compassionate and loving. Such a beautiful flow on effect.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to do this work. Many thanks to Indigo for being a beacon of strength and a wonderful guide in getting me back home!!" 

Pheobe, program participant



"...the way Indigo integrates her healing skills helps one feel at ease and free of judgment. I highly recommend Indigo to both women and men who are looking for long term changes in mental, physical and spiritual growth. Indigo has what it takes to facilitate what the individual needs."

Rebecca Cripps, Teacher - program participant


Well, now it's your turn! 

The evidence is here... the time, place and financial flexibility is here....

What are you waiting for?

Don't let fear and resistance rule your life for one moment longer!

Reach out for life-changing assistance now

You'll be so glad you did!

*In-person program available in Perth, Western Australia


online, anywhere

Available to individuals anytime and in groups twice a year

I cannot wait to see you




I'm so excited to let this path unfold!

"I had my first 1:1 session with Indigo-Grace last night and, wow, thank you Indigo. 

You have touched me, unraveled me and shed some loving light on areas that I had filled with fear. This is just the beginning, but my oh my, I'm so excited to let this path unfold!  Thank you Indigo, for holding the safe space."  

Mhai Shimizu, Owner at EN.Yoga - program participant

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