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Soul Medicine Workshop Circle

Grounding ~ Validating ~ Honouring ~ Loving
A deeply sacred process supported by the Moon in Pisces (creativity & spirituality) to return to your centre. To the essence of you. To rediscover you, fall in love with you, from a place of grace & humility… self-love.

You will be taken on a journey of heart connection, Soul Medicine processing, holding space & gently witnessing each other return to the Truth of who we each are, to bring healing, self-acceptance, self-esteem, inner-peace & so much more. Finding the place within you where you hold infinite love for Self, as you are, as you are created to be. This is the place from which you can intuitively know your worth, direction, boundaries, loves, needs, desires, relationships, creativity, empowerment, your answers.
An afternoon of honouring, grounding into your physical body, connecting to your etheric body & Divine Spirit. Embodying the Divine Feminine aspects of your essence. Essential for becoming more of your authentic self & living a life in alignment with your truth.

Soul Medicine is a calling your heart cannot ignore. You will be bathed in the beautiful crystal bowl healing sounds from Cindy Kelly @heart_wide_open. Indigo-Grace will guide you to the place holding negative beliefs & energy and support you shamanically by channeling frequency clearing & soothed by voice toning channeled from divine guides & Spirit all collaborating to raise the vibration of your energy vortex frequency. Truly holistic healing of the mind, body & spirit.

‘Self-love’ is your opportunity to connect, express, release, create and vision the You & the year you choose to journey with ahead. 

This workshop circle includes:

*High frequency & beautiful event space
*Heart connection & intention circle
*Guided shamanic journey to your inner plain
*Self-love meditation healing process
*Soul expression through intuitive journaling or crayons (materials provided)
*Channeled energy frequency clearing including voice toning & drumming as guided
*Crystal bowl sound bathing
*Divine Feminine embodying
*Delicious, love infused afternoon tea (vegan options included)
*Honouring ceremony

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"A beautiful experience of authentic connection with myself and others. Thank you so much Indigo for creating a truly wonderful space for women to just be. I got so much out of being seen and heard, without feeling I had to be anything more than who I really am. This has brought me comfort and freedom to explore what's really important to me, what my soul really needs. The "medicine" of the gathering is in the energy held by you and all of us together. Unconditional love, non-judgement and freedom to share or not, depending on what we each feel comfortable with. I've never felt so "held" or "validated" in such a way. It's truly medicine for the soul and I'm forever changed from this experience! Thank you."

Clare B