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Repairing the damage done from a lack of attachment bonding, unconditional love and feelings of powerlessness and worthlessness.

For daughters of narcissistic or emotional unavailable/abusive mothers.

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A rare opportunity to develop your psychic-intuitive abilities with renound intuitive guide, Indigo-Grace.

Increase the power of your

Third Eye to accurately sense and interpret energetic vibrations and information.

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Being "understood" is one of the most important aspects of healing.
Not just by others, but, especially understood by oneself. However, in the case of the narcissistic mother wound, being heard and understood by others is of huge benefit to the recovery process. We can spend years, a lifetime even, unconsciously, co-dependently yearning and seeking out understanding from others, about who we are as a person. This unconsciously motivated need is driven by the trauma of never/insufficiently being seen and accepted for who we are. Perhaps you were ignored, rejected, abandoned, belittled, dismissed, neglected, doubted, told you were/are wrong, disbelieved and especially gas-lighted.

A fundamental step in healing the mother wound is to be validated by others who understand what it's like to have your mental wellness so impacted by the person who is meant to be your greatest source of unconditional love. This step is required so YOU can reach a place of validating your own SELF. The reason it's difficult to do this for yourself, without help, is the very fact you are trying to overcome self-doubt... the very thing that prevents you from overcoming it! It's a catch 22 situation.

Those who've suffered this will well understand the pain, anguish, frustration, guilt, shame, rage, confusion and more, of having your sanity questioned, in order for the narcissist to remain "innocent". Your pain and reaction to this only serves to prove their opinion and reinforce to others "mother is right". Scapegoat secured.

Making sense of the madness that is maternal emotional abuse allows your mind, body and spirit to begin to come out of the trauma responses, anxiety and depression, etc.

Being heard, understood and validated without interruption, doubt or questioning of your senses is vital to your recovery and wellbeing.

With awareness and understanding, comes clarity and the ability to make sense of the situation.

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to
  • share your story, without going into a deep victim state or being retraumatised
  • be heard, understood and validated by others and YOURSELF
  • learn tools and skills in managing and processing emotional abuse
  • explore, discover and heal your experience of being gaslighted and scapegoated

What can happen from participating in this type of process is
  • a sense of lightness, positivity, clarity and hope
  • relieve the sense of overwhelm, confusion, powerlessness and worthlessness
  • develop stronger boundaries within yourself to deal with further exposure to emotional abuse

Possible outcomes of healing the mother wound are noticeable improvements in your
  • sense of self and esteem
  • empowerment
  • confidence
  • inner peace
  • mood regulation
  • happiness
  • wholeness
  • contentedness
  • motivation/actioning/participation
  • self-care and nurturing
  • parenting and relationships

There will be guidelines to follow for emotional safety which will include
  • no advice giving by anyone to anyone (unless requested by the participant)
  • no comparing of stories or woundedness
  • and more

Instead you will receive
  • kindness
  • compassion
  • understanding
  • support
  • confidentiality
  • connection

If you're ready to move through the pain, anguish, confusion, anger, sadness, grief, disappointment, resentment and so on, in relation to your mother wounding, I invite you to join this workshop.

11 September 2021
1pm - 5pm

The Palmyra location will be given once you have booked your place.

Vegan afternoon tea included

Indigo-Grace provides excellence in the integrated therapies of counselling and energy healing.

A university qualified Counsellor Psychotherapist, accredited Shamanic Energy Healing practitioner and a born intuitive psychic, Indigo-Grace brings a combination of western and eastern medicine to women, men and families who are seeking life-changing transformation of issues traditional approaches alone cannot provide.

Creator of the Soul Medicine Transformation program, facilitator of groups, workshops and women's and men's circle, Indigo is skilled in identifying core issues and guidance through processes, enabling you to gain awareness, understanding, clarity, empowerment and healing, supporting the return to a sense of wholeness, freedom, joy and inner peace.

11 September 2021 is a 7 day. 

In numerology "the number 7 is both deep and wise. It is not satisfied with simple explanations and surface-level information -- this is frivolous stuff. It knows that the real gold is buried deeper and won't stop until it finds it ... and then it'll keep digging for more. Asking questions, researching, listening, and sensing are all special skills the 7 uses in its search for awareness.

Though spirituality is especially important to the number 7 in Numerology, it takes a more intellectual approach to life than an emotional one. It is an analytical number that enjoys gathering and filtering through information to find answers. Still, it has a more powerful intuition than you might expect which it uses as a guide. This combination of conscious and subconscious thinking allows the mind of the Numerology number 7 to shine a light into the very deepest realms to access hidden truths."(Sourced from

Numbers are limited to four women, so you each have sufficient time to
process and receive the assistance you require.
Please bring along a journal and pen
Coloured pencils/textas if you wish
Wear very comfortable layered clothing
Be prepared to be your authentic self for yourself
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A rare opportunity

Develop your psychic-intuitive skills with

Renound intuitive guide


Increase the power of your Third Eye to accurately sense
and interpret energetic vibrations and information.
A fun and friendly workshop where you have the opportunity to learn more about how to increase your psychic-intuitive ability and skills at giving readings to yourself, friends and family.

I will help you:

  • Connect more powerfully to your intuition
  • Learn the difference between psychic ability and imagination
  • Grow your confidence to better trust your intuition
  • How to receive and interpret energetic information
  • Practice your skills on other attendees in a safe space
and more!
Opportunity for Q&A
Receive a mini reading from Indigo-Grace
Morning tea provided
Receive a gorgeous GIFT to support your reading ability


18 September 2021
10am - 12noon

Please arrive at 9.45am to settle in and make a cuppa
(in-person workshop only)

Stunning private home, with sweeping views of the ocean and islands
Located in Jurien Bay, Western Australia
(address given upon booking)

Tea/coffee/morning tea provided
a SPECIAL GIFT included




"This weekend I gifted myself the gift of healing my inner child and the

wounding I've carried through my mother's line. It was a potent session with

Indigo-Grace and I highly recommend her services.


I now have a deep connection to the feminine that I've never experienced before,

to Gaia, through my yoni, into my womb, into my sacred heart.

I feel it in my physical body. Amazing.


I feel more whole than I've ever felt, what an amazing place to be able to

serve from. So much gratitude."

Jaimee Hart - entrepreneur