Fearless Women's Forest Gatherig May 202
Inner P.E.A.C.E.
(Post Emotional Abuse Conscious Empowerment)
Explore the essential steps needed to heal & recover from emotional or narcissistic abuse. Make sense of the madness & meltdown. Learn how & why this happened & what you need to do to ensure this doesn't happen to you again or your children. Raise your vibration & experience a shift in consciousness to see the gifts this experience brings to your soul lessons, your life purpose & discover the enormity of your divine empowerment ready for you to embrace.


"This weekend I gifted myself the gift of healing my inner child and the

wounding I've carried through my mother's line. It was a potent session with

Indigo-Grace and I highly recommend her services.


I now have a deep connection to the feminine that I've never experienced before,

to Gaia, through my yoni, into my womb, into my sacred heart.

I feel it in my physical body. Amazing.


I feel more whole than I've ever felt, what an amazing place to be able to

serve from. So much gratitude."

Jaimee Hart - entrepreneur